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I am a 2D artist working for Radiant Worlds in Leamington. I work on all things Branding, UI, Marketing Artwork and Graphic Design. I have also previously worked for British sci-fi comic 2000 AD, Rebellion, Solaris and Abaddon Books.


Here is some examples of work done for both 2000 AD Comics and Rebellion Video Games. Enjoy!

Judge Dredd Case Files 01-07

Judge Dredd Megazine

Various logo's for 2000 AD

2000 AD Official Website

Alien VS Predator advert campaign

Never Dead GUI menu screens

So here's some work I did for the game Sniper Elite V2 released by Rebellion and 505 games.

Final logo

The first thing I did when designing this logo was some research into the graphic design and typography of that period (1945). I had a look at a lot of WWII propaganda posters and noticed that the typeface used on almost all of them was Futura. I then discovered that the font was originally designed by a German man named Paul Renner in the mid-1920's. I wanted the logo to reflect the art style and graphic design being implemented back then. That way the logo would have a real authenticity to it... I wanted to also give the game a really strong brand and identity.
With regards to the 'V2' element (a reference to the V2 bomb) I chose to reflect the eagle symbol used by the German soldiers. Overall, im really pleased with how this turned out. Enjoy!

Find out more information about the game or get a copy here

Also, check the game trailer here


Endslate used for TV commercial

Tube Station poster campaign